University Hospital in New Orleans, LA Following Hurricane Katrina
Like New Orleans, Florida is a tricky place to do business. Should you invests millions of dollars in capital improvements and facility hardening in order to increase the chances that your facility will survive a hurricane? Or should you save that money for more pressing operational projects and instead invest in plans to evacuate your patients, customers, and/or employees to another safe facility?

The age and construction of your facility and geographical considerations such as your elevation, hurricane evacuation zone, and flood plain are critical factors in this decision, yet many organizations lack the expertise to properly conduct this cost-benefit analysis.

As a result, millions of dollars are wasted each year on capital projects that may not be warranted or cost effective.

If you have a capital improvement project on the books or pending, let us conduct hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA) on your facility to determine if the project is truly warranted from an emergency management standpoint, before you waste millions of dollars. Contact us today for a free consultation.